Custom Oil Painting


Custom paintings are beautifully hand painted by our master artists. The finest quality professional oils and canvas are used to capture that moment of treasure. Our master artists can paint any size that you may require. Custom paintings are shipped worldwide at a quick turn around time. 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will love our work!

We can hand paint your photos:

  • Self portrait
  • Family portrait
  • Special occasions
  • Wedding
  • Pets

Handpainted Oil Paintings

Can't find what you are looking for? We can custom paint it for you!

Artswholesaler offers one of the most unique feature in the Arts & Design industry. Customized products and services include hand painting your photographs with vivid detail per your liking. All our custom hand painted paintings are finished in custom colors. If we pull a base color from a paint tube, the color is blended in the rest of the scenery, thus creating a custom color. Our artists can also do raised texture and incorporate other natural materials such as sand, pebbles and other textured fabrics to bring out richness and depth to the artwork.

If you want to make changes on your original photos, we can do it.

Examples of items you want edited from the original into your painting:

  • change the color of your dress outfit
  • you want to look slimmer? we can do it
  • if you want to remove blemish on facial skin
  • you want to add a collage of your closest friends to your original photo